Trail Work


Kevin Joell, the Battle Born Enduro co-promoter building trail on Peavine in February 2014 that was one of the sections needed to permit this event.

The Battle Born Enduro is a fundraiser for the Poedunks/Biggest Little Trail Stewardship, the non-profit trail stewards of Peavine mountain.  Working with the Forest Service and Washoe County Parks, they have an approved trails plan that is currently nearing full implementation.  Many of these trails were needed to make the 2014 Battle Born Enduro work with a decent course, so we invested the  money and time to get ‘er done.  The event promoters put in several thousand dollars in renting a Sutter 300 trail dozer from Sutter Equipment Co. and supporting volunteer trail days to complete approximately two miles of new trail in the Spring of 2014.  Most of these sections were required to be finished for us to use during the Battle Born Enduro. Our course options would have been significantly limited without use of them.  We also organized nine volunteer trail work days after the dozer to complete finish work which involved 67 volunteers donating almost 700 hours of labor to the trails.  Trail planning continues and some cool additional options will likely be available in future years.  We also were successful in obtaining a grant for the Poedunks to acquire the Sutter 300 mini trail dozer that we rented.  That arrived fall of 2014 and has already built 6 miles of trail on Peavine and other new trail projects around Reno and Tahoe.  Last spring, the Battle Born Enduro hosted several volunteer trail days with food and drinks for the volunteers as they built a new trail along the southwest side of Peavine to connect to Las Brisas Blvd.  This spring, we’ve been working on a new extension of the B-Lite Trail to connect it into the Project 3/Las Brisas connection we built last spring.  This will be used as Stage 6 for the Pro/Expert categories.