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Peavine Mountain is located just north of Reno, once home to thickets of its namesake pea vines.  Although it appears to be barren desert, it is a very bio-diverse area, home to almost 750 plant species which draws a variety of animals including mountain lions, bears, pronghorn antelope, bighorn sheep, deer, coyotes, marmots, and many more.  For comparison, all of Tahoe basin holds about half that many species.  Peavine was mined extensively in the 1870′s. Several tailing piles are still visible as well as some of the old access roads are still used today.  The town of Poeville on the North side was once a bustling city with several thousand residents, but is now all but gone.  Thanks to the work of the Poedunk’s/Biggest Little Trail Stewardship in “Mining Peavine’s Singletrack”, the non-motorized singletrack network next to Reno continues to improve, providing an outdoor recreation hub for the Biggest Little City.  There have been 8 miles of new singletrack added within the last 30 months, with the Battle Born Enduro funding nearly four miles of that from the last two events.

Pro and Expert categories have a 27 mile course with 6 stages and 4600′ of climbing.  All other categories will do stages 1-4, for a 21 mile course with 3700′ of climbing.  Download the 2016 PDF Course Map. Compared to previous years, Stages 1,2,and 5 will be the same.  Stage 3 will come down Fisticuffs rather than Poedunk Trail.  Stage 4 will come down UNR DH to N Trail rather than Evans Canyon.  Stage 6 will be added.  Pro/Experts will start at Stage 5 and run 5, 6, 1, 2, 3, 4.  Sport and Beginner will start at Stage 1 simultaneously and run 1, 2, 3, 4. When we run Stage 5 first, the riders will be doing the rock waterfall.  Later when stage 4 comes into that same area, the course will not be using the rock waterfall.

If you are unfamiliar with the Peavine Trails, you can also download the Trail map from the Poedunk’s/BLTS that includes all trail names and trail marker numbers.  We reserve the right to modify the course based on weather, trail conditions and/or other situations outside our control.  Recommended tires are ones with an aggressive block pattern and sturdy sidewall.  Course hazards include sharp rocks, the occasional rattlesnake, and “ball bearing” dirt.  If those don’t get you, you will enjoy a nearly all-singletrack day with some super fun trails that are in primo shape right now.  Course is about 1% pavement and 5% fire road.   Water and sunscreen will be available at the start or finish of several stages.  The finish of Stage 2 (which is also easily accessible from the Transfer to Stage 4) will have snacks from Tahoe Trail Bar.

Riders Meeting at 7:50am at the Start.  Riders will start on the course  between 8am and 8:10am depending on category(subject to change, some categories may start at different stages).  Sport and Beginners will start first and head to Stage 1.  Pro/Expert will start a few minutes later and head to Stage 5.
Casey-rock gardenThe rock garden section of the 5th stage.  Tanner DeGiovanni photo.

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